04 December 2008

First Blog

Hey Everyone. Hope you have been able to check out my newly updated web site and welcome to my first (of many, hopefully) blog. A lot has been happening.

I’m happy to say, and thanks to many of you, that I’m wrapping up my best year to date. My work continues to expand as I’m becoming fascinated with fresh designs as well as new technology that’s making these innovative, complex designs possible. I’m excited about my newest piece, Easter Island Head (see photo) that is created by complex metal folding. It has created quite a buzz and I’ve already received two commissions.

I have my Florida shows coming up in January - March. I’m excited that the whole family will once again join me for part of the trip.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve gotten approval from two cities for large scale solo exhibitions for the summer of ‘09. I’m excited to further my career with these events that feature twenty 8-foot dogs with a new design. These dogs are limited edition and numbered. We are currently working to sign on two additional cities. I hope to expand from being solely a gallery represented artist to a large-scale exhibition caliber artist. Stay tuned… this could be exciting.

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Thanks for checking out the new Dale Rogers Studio blog. Ciao.