08 February 2010

Angel Sculpture

Heading down to Sarasota, Florida last December, my mind was wandering to ideas for a new sculpture. I sketched out a few designs for a new piece and I was pretty happy with the finished product. To me it represented a piece I felt could bring joy and peace to a lot of people.

While I was at the show, a couple approached me and after conversing with them for a short time, they inquired about an Angel sculpture. They liked the look of my work and the materials I used, but really wanted something in the shape of an Angel.

I couldn't believe my ears, and pulled out the sketch I had been working on that morning....it was an Angel that I had been thinking about for the last few days. I showed it to them and they felt it was almost exactly what they were hoping for. I'm returning to Florida in a few weeks and will be delivering the piece to them.

You can see the video of the finished piece here...

Something was aligned correctly to bring this couple into my booth at this art show.

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