13 May 2009

Retro Trees

Expanding on the concept of the 3 Cubes piece I first created in 2007, is my newest design, Retro Trees. I consider this work a sister piece to Olive Branch. It combines both the geometric shapes that I love and the sophisticated, whimsical look that has been growing in popularity.

The thematic inspiration behind it is the spring-- the time of year the piece was designed. It’s built on the idea of natural elements which I’m finding is a re-occuring theme for me and often my design inspiration.

This piece is turning out to be quite difficult to create. I'd love to know what you think.

Thanks for checking out the Dale Rogers Studio blog. Ciao!

08 May 2009

South San Francisco Here I Come!

That is the 10’ foot American Dog speaking, of course!

I’m thrilled that the 10-foot American Dog left Haverhill this morning bound for South San Francisco, CA just in time for the unveiling of the dog park on Centennial Way next Saturday, the 16th.

I admire these folks for spending time and money to do it right. This is going to be such a pleasant spot for dogs and their owners to roam freely.

Enjoy, four-legged friends!

As always, thanks for checking out the Dale Rogers Studio blog. Ciao!

01 May 2009

A Symbol of Form and Function

I’m pleased that my work gained some unexpected coverage once again. Rob and Sandy fell in love with a piece they insisted was perfect for their new, soon-to-be completed weekend retreat. Shortly after the purchase there was talk of a possible feature article of their property that my work would help to decorate.

A beautiful 4-page spread on the owners’ refuge did in fact appear in the March issue of Nashville Home and Garden. The home, a combination of modern and rustic, the likes of which you might see on the pages of Dwell magazine, blends the couple’s styles.

I love the way the owners chose to position my stainless steel Ball Tower sculpture in the garden area just across from the stone fire pit and visible from the outdoor dining space. It’s an honor for my work to be featured in such a beautiful space built and filled with carefully chosen details and objects. The piece along with other exterior design elements helps to connect the building to the property and, I believe, set the tone for the stunning interior of the home.

Enjoy your sculpture and your sanctuary, Rob and Sandy.

Thanks for checking out the Dale Rogers Studio blog. Ciao!