11 June 2009

Ogunquit is in!

One of Maine's most-beautiful and art-inspired seaside towns, Ogunquit, has chosen to team with The Big Dog Show this August 20th - 25th. Littlefield Park on Ledge Road off Shore Road will be home to my twenty dogs for the week.

It's a quiet park that is truly a hidden gem in town. It'll be a pleasure to spend the week there-- just a short walk from the Marginal Way. Our hats go off to the people of Ogunquit for making art a priority in their town and for making this event happen so easily.

Thanks for checking out the Dale Rogers Studio blog. Ciao!

03 June 2009

Launch of The Big Dog Show Web-Site

The site has finally been launched. People can get specific information on the purpose for the exhibition, schedule (it starts on August 5th) and see photos including a gallery called 'the making of the American Dog' as well as promotional photos taken for the event.

We're working on finalizing a 6th city. It'll be quite exciting that this tour, originally intended to stop in four cities, will have expanded to six locations and, possibly three states. The demand is greater than we planned for and this is a good thing.

We're ready to launch a national press campaign with a focus on arts and entertainment, pet periodicals and companies as well as corporations and individuals with an interest in socially responsible activities and events.

The photo above was taken as the big dogs were being arranged for the promotional photo shoot. It really shows how 'larger than life' these dogs are.

I hope you'll be able to witness the event in person. To learn more about how you can become involved, click 'get involved' on the web-site.

Thanks for checking out the Dale Rogers Studio blog. Ciao.