30 January 2015

Happy New Year !

Dale with Superintendent of Schools and
School Committee Members at Haverill High School
Over the past few years we have worked with several academic and corporate campuses to weave art into the daily lives of students, staff, employees, and visitors including Haverhill High School, Pingree High School, Southern New Hampshire University, Northern MI College.

In addition we have provided pieces to Corporate Offices such as Idexx, NE Bio-Lab, and Bissell Corporation to name a few.      

Dale and his "American Dog" Sculpture in front of Bissell Corporation in Grand Rapids, MI.

Kristina Duracher, Curator
Early January we had the pleasure to meet with Kristina Duracher from UNH.   She is the curator of the Museum of Art @ UNH on the Durham campus and we will be collebarating with her to bring an exhibition to the grounds of this great campus.   
In addition to this project, we are also working closely with a couple of local high schools to bring a customized sculpture to their grounds that will be designed and built based on input and vision from the students.    This is an exciting concept and we look forward to completing both of these this coming year and adding even more schools to our portfolio in the future.

We also did quite a bit of brainstorming and planning this month with a young college student that I met last fall at an art show, GianCarlo. See Video: Creativity Final Cut

We will be working with him over the next few months to have him document and film some steps in our upcoming projects.   We look forward to using and sharing this footage with everyone to give you a fuller glimpse of how our large exhibitions flow from design, to planning phase, through to welding stage, and all the way to installation and removal.