01 December 2009

We Love that Corporations are Providing Public Art

We were honored to have Avon Marketplace in Connecticut turn to Dale Rogers Studio for inspiration when they decided to include some art into their already beautiful shopping plaza.

We were more than happy to work with them and as a result, made this 8 foot sculpture for their shopping center.

Public Art, such as sculptures can really help to define a community and set a tone for a creative surrounding. We applaud Avon Marketplace for giving back to their surrounding town in this way !

Dale feels strongly that "public displays of art inspire people of all ages to think about the world differently. Young people are influenced daily by their surroundings and art can be integral part of their creative development. Public Art evokes an emotional response from all who view it"

I think shopping (and most everything else) is always more fun when there is beauty, insspiration and craftmanship like this to appreciate.
-Allisa, Dale Rogers Studio