10 February 2015

Adding Color to My Art

Last year, in an effort to infuse my artwork with as much color as I could, I tested the waters of designing, fabricating and installing fused glass into my artwork. I converted a very small storage closet into an efficient, fully functioning glass studio.

Dale Rogers Glass Studio

Trust me….there were plenty of naysayers who told me that it couldn’t be done, "the space is too small"  they said. 
Dale Rogers Glass Studio
Sherri, who has worked with us at Dale Rogers Studio since 2011 assisting with all creative aspects (website, digital images, layout of catalogues and books) rolled up her sleeves and went to work with me experimenting with the glass and our newly purchased kiln. 
Here are the 6 steps:
Step 1: Design
Step 2: Sizing

Step 3: Color Layout

Step 4: Piecing Colors

Step 5: First Fire
Step 6: Final Fire - 4 Layers
Through continuing trial and error over the course of 2014, we have gained a depth of experience and knowledge.  I am happy to say that the glass has added the color and enrichment I was hoping for.   Watch the end result!

This video shows my booth from the Sarasota Craft Show and the artwork I had on display at this particular event really shows the diversity of the glass. We are excited to continue pushing forward with new designs, new techniques and new sculptures that combine metal and glass.

Stay tuned to see what is next!