02 April 2009

The Shark

It’s cool when designs come to you instead of you having to go to them. The Shark has been in my mind for some time. Since the early years of traveling the fine art show circuit in Florida, I knew I just had to do one… it was just a matter of time.

I knew it had to be a piece that was fully three-dimensional. My work has finally evolved into those capabilities.

The Shark made from stainless steel (almost like the color of a real shark) is folded similar to the Easter Island Head I designed in 2008. Its intricate fold design allows me to give it detail and dimension while the smooth steel and finely welded edges keep it looking sleek. The Shark rests upon a slightly curved base giving it some height and the illusion that it’s swimming.
I’m anxious to see how my clients in Florida like it and curious to get feedback from others around the country.

As you can see, it's not quite finished. I'll post a photo of the piece when it's complete. Let me know what you think...

Thanks for checking out the Dale Rogers Studio blog. Ciao!

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