27 April 2009

A possible 6th location for The Big Dog Show?

I just received a tip about another location hoping to bring The Big Dog Show to their seaside town for the enjoyment of their residents and visitors. Due to scheduling, there's a gap in the line-up and filling it with another location sounds very appealing.

This location would be the 6th stop in a tour of twenty, 8-foot metal American Dogs. As mentioned in an earlier blog, the exhibit will visit each location for a week at a time from August through mid-September and is funded by me and free to the public.

This latest possible location is attractive since it's visible from a high-trafficked route in the one of the most picturesque places in New England.

Stay tuned... hope to make an announcement soon.

Who knows where they go from here...

Thank you for checking out the Dale Rogers Studio blog. Ciao!

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